Our Philosophy

Being a photographer is such a gift – and not in a shmoopy this-is-what-every-photographer-says type of way – I have been a part of some of the most amazing life moments.  Weddings, births, first steps, adoptions, family reunions, celebrations, and so many tiny moments people doesn’t even recognize as something worth documenting until later.  I’m able to love on and serve my clients in a way that they will remember forever.  The memories and photographs they will have mean so much to them, and will potentially mean even more to the generations after them that I will probably never meet.

I love being a part of these stories.  Documenting love, however that looks, is the best job.  

What to Expect
My approach to photography is pretty simple.  My focus is on you, your family, and your day... and I want your focus to be the same!  Lemongrass is going to make your day as stress free and amazing as possible, and we love it when people say "we didn't even notice you were there!"  We find amazing light in a beautiful location and then let you be you, together.  Love, hug, laugh, smile, kiss... our goal is for you to feel the most like yourself as possible.  

We will have fun and soak up every drop of love!

For more information, just email me jessica@lemongrassphotography!

Facts & Questions

What is an associate photographer?

Lemongrass has 3 amazing associate photogaphers!  Lydia, Anne and Roxanna have been shooting weddings for years and joined the team in 2014!  Basically, most all communication, editing and design work will still be done by Jessica, but the associates will actually be the ones to shoot your engagement and wedding!  They are all amazing, and everything on the website is a combination of all photographers!  

What makes an associate different then Jessica?

The biggest difference is price, associate pricing starts at $2400.  All the photogaphers, Jessica included, have years of experience and 100s of weddings under their belt.  You will get the same amazing service and the most gorgeous wedding photographs with any of us!  

How quickly will I get to see my photographs?

The million dollar question!  For engagement sessions I work hard to get everything back within 4 weeks.  With weddings, I have an 8 week timeline, especially depending on the time of year.  Usually I am so excited that I get it done much quicker!

Where can I get pricing information?

Easy!  Just email jessica@lemongrassphotography.com!  I'd love to chat and get an idea of the perfect fit for you!  

Our associate packages start at $2400 and my packages (photography with Jessica) starts at $4200 and we are happy to create custom packages as well.