5 Makeup Tips for Photos

There are so many things to think about while you’re getting ready on your wedding day; Do you have something old, new, borrowed, and blue? Is your hair going to get messed up when you take off your veil? Do you remember how to bustle your train? Now let me add one more thing: What will your makeup look like in photos?

Here are 5 tips that will help you look your best in your wedding photos.

1. Use powder. Everything else in your pictures could be absolutely perfect, but if your face is shiny, that’s all you’ll ever notice.

2. Apply your makeup in natural light. Photos look best when they’re captured in natural light, and you want to know what you’re going to look like in photos, right?

3. Wear black mascara. It will make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Just make sure that the mascara is waterproof! Even if you’re “not a cryer”! Trust me.

4. Fill in your eyebrows. Even if you’d never wear a brow pencil in your everyday life, you’ll be surprised how much of a difference it makes. It’s that little something that makes you look put together without people realizing what you’ve.

5. Wear lipstick. Preferably one with some shine. Even if you wear lipstick the same color as your lips, you’ll look more polished and healthy in photos. Wearing lipstick with shine makes your lips look fuller. The shinier the lipstick, the more attention your lips will get.